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Fowl with mama horse

Equine Influenza – What Do You Need To Do Now?

            Recent outbreaks in both the unvaccinated and vaccinated horse population has bought Equine Influenza (EI) into the spotlight. Cases have now been confirmed in neighbouring Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire, as well as further confirmed cases in Cheshire, Suffolk and Essex. Despite being most prevalent in racehorses, the Animal Health Trust are now recommending that…


Everyone Loves Puppies!

  Our Calverton branch has begun hosting puppy parties run by our receptionist Jess Feargrieve, who is a qualified puppy training class instructor. The classes run for four weeks on a Tuesday evening 7.30-8.30pm. Jess charges £40 per puppy for the course. Over the four weeks she covers: Eye contact House rules Recall Crate training Play biting Handling…


Alpacas: Wonderful Creatures That Need Specific Care. They Are Not Just Funny Looking Sheep That Spit!

  Alpacas are rapidly increasing in popularity with an estimated 45,000 now living in the UK. As a profession, vets’ understanding of these animals has increased hugely in recent years thanks to ongoing research and experience. Historically they would often have been treated as oddly shaped sheep! However these days we have the knowledge and…