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Your Caring and Compassionate Local Vets

For all of your pet and farm animal healthcare needs, you needn’t look any further than Minster Veterinary Centre. Our longest-established clinic is in Southwell, with additional surgical practices in Newark and Burton Joyce plus our newest addition at Bingham and further consulting branches in Calverton and Fernwood. We pride ourselves on our dedication to patient care, providing our own out of hours service staffed by our own vets from our own sites. We aim to provide a high level of first opinion healthcare with modern diagnostic equipment and access to referral specialists when required. We do have our own BVA certified ophthalmologist who will take referrals from local veterinary practices and can perform BVA eye testing.

Whether you’re a Pet owner, equine enthusiast, hobby farmer or commercial farmer, animal welfare will always be your priority.

When humans get into accidents, we can head to a 24-hour walk in centre for emergency treatment, but it’s not always easy to get help for your beloved animals. Fortunately, if you’re looking for an emergency vet that is available around the clock as well as boasting advanced in-house veterinarian equipment, you’ve come to the right place.

At Minster Veterinary Centre, we’ve been providing top-quality healthcare to all animals, from small household pets to livestock since the first world war, making us one of the most experienced local vets in the Nottinghamshire area. With clinics carefully sited across the local area, we have a practice that’s conveniently located near you. Call us the next time you need a local vet in Nottinghamshire.

Healthcare packages for cats and dogs

With primary healthcare packages for puppies and kittens and annual parasite prevention packages for adult dogs and cats we aim to help keep your beloved pets as healthy as we can. We also boast free clinics with our qualified veterinary nurses for weight and diet management, parasite control, diabetes management, dental care and much more. We provide a high standard of care, diagnostics and surgery when intervention is required as well as our own out of hours emergency service.

We cater for all needs and have a team of vets who can provide excellent health care for horses, small holders and farms making us the go-to local vets in the Nottinghamshire area. The next time you’re searching for a ’24 hour vet near me,’ call the experts at Minster Veterinary Centre on 01636 812 133.

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