Visit Our Nurse-Led Veterinary Clinics

In addition to complex surgical procedures and advanced medical treatments, we offer a broad range of nurse-led treatments and clinics at several of our branches. Our nursing provide services in a highly competitive price range, with many clinics free of charge.

You can either call them for advice or book in to visit them after being referred by our qualified vets. Some of the most common treatments we provide at our nurse-led clinics include:

  • Dog and Cat microchipping
  • K-Laser Treatments
  • Monthly Injections (Allergy, OA etc)
  • Neutering advice
  • Parasite plans and treatments
  • Weight and diet plan clinics
  • Diabetic clinics
  • And much more

Our nurses are trained to a high standard and they’re all genuinely passionate about taking great care of animals.

Whether you need expert advice on neutering or trimming waist lines in the Southwell, Newark, Calverton, Burton Joyce or Fernwood area, there’s no better practice to call than Minster Veterinary Centre.


Expert Pet dietary and Weight Management Advice

It doesn’t take long for a cat or dog to gain weight and become unhealthy as a consequence, which is why some of our nurses specialise in providing clinical diet plans and advice to help aid weight loss.

Weight loss however is only a part of the expert advice our nurses can offer. Clinical diet requirements can be essential for good health in multiple health conditions and our trained staff can help to provide guidelines and diet plans for all eventualities. Best of all, we provide our weight management services for free at our practices.

Our treatments range from simple weight checks and exercise regimes to diet planning, calorie intake calculations and body measurement checks. You can either book an appointment with us directly or visit us following a referral from one of our vets. Initial consultations usually last no more than an hour, during which we’ll tailor a plan to give your pet the care it needs.

Puppy/kitten checks/adolescent health checks

There is so much to learn when you have a new puppy or kitten. Book a free appointment with one of our qualified veterinary nurses and they can help answer any questions that you may have and advise you on the best possible care for your new addition. Advice will include worming, flea control, nutrition and neutering.

We recommend weighing your animal regularly throughout its life, but this is most important during adolescence due to faster growth rate. Accurate bodyweights are required for routine medication. Regular weight check and adolescent health checks are included in our puppy and kitten primary care packages.


Parasite Control Decision Making

We understand that choosing the best anti-parasite cover for your pet can be difficult – you want to make sure you get it right. Our nurses run a free clinic to discuss the various options for your pet’s parasite control. They will discuss the risk factors your pet is exposed to, and tailor a strategy for each individual pet. Our veterinary nurses can discuss the optimal parasite control plans for your dogs and cats, but due to 2023 law changes we will need to have treatments authorised by a vet. If you havent been seen within the last 12 months and had parasite treatments authorised, you may need a charged vet consultation. You will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire on arrival or you can collect it prior to your visit.

Although recommendations will be made for anti-parasite treatments, there is no commitment to buy treatments at the time of consultation. We do have annual parasite packages available to allow you to provide the best protection for your pet at an affordable cost.


Administration of anti-parasitic and other medications

It is recommended that you regularly treat your pet to prevent parasite infestations. We understand that some pets are more difficult to treat with medication than others and depending on circumstance you may need assistance for administration. Our qualified nurses can assist you by weighing your pet and administering flea or worming treatment for you. If you are struggling to medicate your pet, contact your local branch and we can assist you with this.

Senior clinics

As our pets get older their requirements change and you may have worries or concerns. Why not book a free consultation with one of our qualified veterinary nurses to discuss your pet’s needs and for advice on the best care for your elderly pet? Our nurses can assist in dietary requirements, joint care, symptom monitoring and screening tests to pick up any early warning signs for disease.


Diabetic clinics

If your pet has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, our qualified veterinary nurses are available to support you and your pet. Advice will include injection technique, diet and exercise. We understand how concerning and confusing diabetes treatment can be and aim to offer guidance and support, we can also help provide guides and aides to help track treatments and clinical signs. For further information contact your nearest branch.

Dental clinics

Gum disease is very common amongst dogs and cats, with 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 3 showing signs. Book a free appointment with one of our qualified veterinary nurses to get your pet’s teeth and gums checked, and for advice on how to keep your pet’s teeth clean.


Rabbit clinics

Keeping your rabbit fit and healthy is vital to ensure a long, happy and fulfilling life. Rabbits can be prone to some health issues which can prove challenging to treat, but can often be easily prevented if you know how. Contact your local branch to book a free appointment with one of our qualified veterinary nurses.

Anal gland expression (a fee will apply)

Repeat anal gland expressions can be booked with our qualified nurses at a lesser fee than a veterinary consultation.


Nail clipping (a fee will apply)

Simple nail clips can be booked with our qualified nurses at a lesser fee than a veterinary consultation.

Micro-chipping (a fee will apply)

Our qualified veterinary nurses can microchip your pet for a small fee. Simple management, care advice and information can be given at the same time. Since April 6th 2016 all dogs must have a registered microchip by 8 weeks of age.


Ear cleaning (a fee will apply)

Appointments for ear cleaning can be booked with our qualified nurses for a reduced fee compared to veterinary consultation.


Tick removal (a fee will apply)

You can book an appointment with our qualified veterinary nurses for tick removal at a reduced fee compared to veterinary consultation.

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