Backyard Pets

The skills to look after your backyard pets in Nottinghamshire

A variety of backyard pets

Care for the backyard pet

Small holdings and backyard pets are becoming far more common place, but veterinary care for these wonderful creatures has always been more difficult to come by, with some companion animal and some production animal practices claiming that they are not the best place for veterinary care as they are not set up to provide the required assistance.

At Minster Veterinary Centre in Nottinghamshire, we offer a wide range of services for most species that can be found on small holdings and backyard plots. We can arrange for visits to you or consultation at a suitable surgery (where movement restrictions and practicality allow). We can offer help and advice on basic requirements and needs, healthcare plans and dealing with illnesses if and when they arise.
A goat with horns
Duck walking

Emergency help for backyard pets

If you have a sick pet you can call your nearest branch for assistance. They will either put you in contact with one of our vets for advice, or ask our large animal department to call and arrange a visit. Out of office hours our own staff provide emergency cover, just call and leave a message with your contact details and a vet will call you back as soon as possible.

Planning for a healthy future

Minster Veterinary Centre encourage high animal welfare at all times and healthcare planning is a corner stone of animal welfare. We can provide all aspects of healthcare; from routine treatments such as appropriate vaccination, parasite monitoring and prevention for individual animals all the way through to full healthcare plans for flocks, herds, broods, gaggles, rafts, troops, mobs and cohorts!
A chicken walking

In case of emergency, please call us 24 hours a day on 01636 812 133

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