Attention All Rabbit Owners

Recent medical and press articles have highlighted an emerging threat of rVHD2, a variant strain of hemorrhagic diahorrea in rabbits that is rapidly fatal but not covered by the vaccines currently available in the UK.

We, along with many practices in the UK have applied for a license to have vaccine imported which covers this new variant strain, however the vaccine is currently out of stock. We are expecting some stock to become available at the end of August; however we have been advised that demand by vets will out-weigh supply.

We would advise clients who would be interested in the vaccination for their rabbit to please contact us to be added to the waiting list. There is no cost or obligation to be added to the list, we will simply work on a first come first served basis and contact people in the order they are added to the list. If you decide against the vaccine once it is available for you, you can simply decline and we will offer it to the next client on the list.

We expect the cost of the vaccine to be £21+vat
Rabbits can’t be vaccinated within 2 weeks of receiving the Myxo-RHD currently in use in the UK
Immunity can last up to 12 months, but the manufacturer recommends vaccination every 6 months.

The new imported vaccine does not have any Myxomatosis cover, so we would advise both to be given, at least 2 weeks apart. The order can be decided with a vet on an individual risk based assessment.

The vaccine can only be given to healthy rabbits.
For more information on the variant strain VHD2 please go to;

For more information on the vaccine and its availability, please contact the practice.

Southwell – 01636 812133
Newark – 01636 612906
Calverton – 0155 9656341

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